Learning achievements certification system

[Genre 1 Basic academic skills]

It is very important for university students to acquire a wide range of culture, Basic academic skills necessary for individual fields of expertise, and Basic academic skills which can be utilized in research activities in graduate school or thereafter. In genre 1, we evaluate each student to determine whether or not he/she has acquired the contents of subjects he or she had chosen as general academic subjects in the university and whether or not he/she has the ability to comprehensively utilize the knowledge attained from individual subjects particularly in his/her first or second year.

 In genre 1 (Basic academic skills), the level is determined by evaluating the two total scores of “general academic subjects” and the “Basic Test”.

The score of “general academic subjects” is determined based on the grades and number of credits of the subjects (core subjects, advanced subjects, common subjects) that are implemented as general academic subjects. The score of each student increases when the student has good achievement in each general academic subject or the number of credits of the student increases, and therefore, the score increases with the amount of learning. Regardless of the grade in which you have taken, you are eligible for the score, even if you take the subjects in the 3rd or 4th year.

The score of the “Basic Test” is the total score of the Unified Test conducted in early April every year. The results of the “Basic Test” reflect students’ knowledge and ability to solve problems that they are supposed to acquire as an undergraduate engineering student at the end of freshman year, and the test focuses on subjects related to mathematics, physics, and chemistry (including exercises). Questions beyond the class contents may be included, therefore, we hope that students will study independently. The Basic Test is mainly intended for the students at the end of freshman year, but there is no restriction on taking the test in the upper grades (including the retake), so each student can challenge several times.

The basic point is level 1. Since all general academic subjects are almost completed by the first half of the 2nd year, students are supposed to reach level 3 at the end of the 1st year, and reach level 6 by the time of the Unified Test at the beginning of the 2nd year, and finally reach level 7 at the end of the first half of the 2nd year.

About the Basic Test

We evaluate students’ ability to integrate and utilize knowledge gained from multiple subjects by giving integrated questions from subjects (including exercises) related to mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Implementation period:
Early April every year (before the start of the new semester)
Implementation Date
April 4, 2023 (Tue.) 12:30-16:45
12:30 Reception
13:15 Start of Instruction
13:30-14:15 Time for mandatory questions (Booklet 1)
14:15-16:15 Time for selectable questions (Bookket 2)
16:15-16:45 Answer sheet submission and Questionnaire
16:45 Dismiss
Main target students:
All new 2nd year students of the Faculty of Engineering (students enrolled in October take the test together with those in April who are one year below)
You can take the test in your 3rd year or above (including retake), but advance registration is required.
About the implementation in 2023
If you are a new junior or senior student (currently a sophomore or a junior student) and wish to take the test, please mail us to apply by February 17, 2023.
Please make the title “Unified Test application_student ID name”.
Please specify your department name, student ID, and full name in the text.
Institute of Engineering Education email address:eng-edu@grp.tohoku.ac.jp
Test venue:
Classrooms on Kawauchi North Campus
Test time:
2.5 hours to 3 hours (may vary depending on the year)
Exam content (may vary from year to year):
  • Content relating to the ability to solve the problems with the knowledge learned by the end of the 1st year as an undergraduate engineering student.
  • The questions are mainly based on the contents including Calculus A/B, Linear Algebra A/B, Exercises in Physics and Mathematics I/II, Physics A/B, Chemistry A/B/C, which are taught in the 1st year, but they are not always within the range taught in classes.
  • The answer format is a mixture of selection and description type.
  • Number of questions and answers: Answer 5 out of 8 major questions.
Number and contents of each subject
  • 3 mathematics questions ①Engineering integration question, ②Mainly Linear Algebra, ③Mainly Calculus
  • 2 physics questions ①Mainly Physics A, ②Mainly Physics B
  • 3 chemistry questions ①Mainly Chemistry A, ②Mainly Chemistry B, ③Mainly Chemistry C
Question selection rules
  • Mathematics① “Engineering integration question” is required for all students
  • At least one question each from physics and chemistry is required
  • Not allowed to choose all of the three chemistry questions
Answer patterns for selection questions (major questions 2-7) (only 4 patterns below)
  • Mathematics 2 questions -Physics 1 question -Chemistry 1 question
  • Mathematics 1 question -Physics 2 questions -Chemistry 1 question
  • Mathematics 1 question -Physics 1 question -Chemistry 2 questions
  • Mathematics 0 questions -Physics 2 questions -Chemistry 2 questions
Past questions of the Basic Test