Basic education

English required for engineering

In order to play an active part in society as an engineer or a researcher, it is necessary to have the ability to disseminate the value of one’s own technology and research internationally as well as the ability to quickly grasp the trends of technology and research in the world. To that end, in addition to expertise in each field, the ability to use English, which is an international official language, as a tool is required. Unlike general English that have been learned up to high school, it is especially important to learn Academic English at university because, students have more opportunities to read and write English papers and materials there.

In the curriculum of the Engineering Faculty, students will study general academic English in the 1st to the 2nd year in English A to C, which are general subjects. During the same period, they will learn the basics of “reading and writing”, especially how to read academic articles on the subject of science and technology in English in Technology I, which is a specialized subject. In the 3rd and 4th years, students will learn to write essays and give presentations in English in Technology II, which is a specialized subject of each department, and will read and present specialized academic papers during the training.

The English Learning Booklet distributed at the time of enrollment contains general structures of academic papers, tips on how to write reports, English used on campus, etc., so students should make full use of it.

English in Technology I

Most students who graduate from school of Engineering will become engineers and researchers. In order to be successful in the world of engineering, one needs to communicate with people around the world in a global environment, and always be well informed of the latest information to be published in English. Under these circumstances, it is very important to strengthen not only the ability to “listen/speak” in English but also the ability to “read/write” in order to handle papers and reports on a daily basis.

This course aims to help students achieve higher scores on the TOEFL ITP tests by using engineering articles to improve their grammatical skills, which underlie their “reading and writing” abilities.

Academic Reading

Academic reading is a method of reading and understanding the academic English that are used in articles and papers. The first time you encounter an article written in academic English, you may find it very difficult because there are many unfamiliar phrases and jargon. As you go straight, however, you will gradually become able to understand the fun and become able to read them.

This course, as part of academic reading, aims to familiarize students with the structures of English sentences and the technique of logical writing by using articles and papers on science and technology published in newspapers, magazines, and specialized magazines, and develop their ability to collect information on science and technology in various fields.