Learning achievements certification system

[Learning Achievements Certification Application / Confirmation System]

Students in the Faculty of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering input and confirm goals at the beginning of each year and self-evaluation at university in the “self-evaluation record book” of the portfolio system. With the introduction of Learning Achievements Certification System from students enrolled in 2014, the function of “Learning Achievements Certification” was added to the portfolio system from September 2015, and it is now possible to apply for and confirm the achievements certification.

-Portfolio System- School of Engineering, Tohoku University(Tohoku University ID is required when logging in.)

For details on how to use the system and further information, refer to the file library in the portfolio system.

<Issue of certificate>

The official certificate will be issued at the time of graduation, at the end of the first year of the master’s course, and at the end of the master’s course (late March or late September).
If you need it for job hunting, etc., we can issue it at any time. Please contact the Institute of Engineering Education.

Undergraduate student Achievements certificate
Master student Graduates of School of Engineering, Tohoku University Point certificate from master’s course and level certificate from undergraduate school
Not graduates of School of Engineering, Tohoku University Point certificate from master’s course

<To Master’s students of each graduate school of Information Sciences, Environmental Studies and Biomedical Engineering>

Students who belong to the engineering laboratories of these independent graduate schools (labs to which the students of the Faculty of Engineering are assigned) can continue to receive the Learning Achievements Certification. However, since the affiliation is not the Graduate School of Engineering, they should make an offer to obtain data on student registration and grades for level certification from the graduate school to which they belong.


・Graduate Schools of Information Sciences and Biomedical Engineering
Applicants should apply directly to the Institute of Engineering Education according to the following procedure.
・Graduate Schools of Environmental Studies
Students of engineering laboratories are supposed to be level-certified, so no application is required.


Please fill in the required items on the prescribed application form and send the scan data or image data to eng-nintei@grp.tohoku.ac.jp. In case of paper, please submit it to the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Section of the Faculty of Engineering Academic Affairs Division (3rd floor, Central Building, Faculty of Engineering).
Application form

Please make the e-mail title “Achievements certification application_student ID name”.
Please include your student ID and name in the email body.

The data submitted will be exchanged between the Institute of Engineering Education and each graduate school, and once the registration is complete, it will be included in the portfolio system.
Registration is not done at any time, but once every three months. Please note that the data submitted will not be reflected immediately after applying.