Learning achievements certification system

[Genre 5 Value creation skill]

In the face of recent globalization, there are so many issues that cannot be dealt with in a competitive community within Japan alone, and internationally-minded personnel having ability to negotiate with foreign countries are highly demanded. It is not enough just to have the Language skill and information providing ability to communicate with foreigners, but it is also essential to have the ability to produce a new social system or product by combining a strategy based on research ability and elemental technologies such as system design, and the ability to create new values. In genre 5 (Value creation skill), multi-faceted abilities, such as ability to have a future outlook and an international view, management ability for effectively using techniques and human resources and practical research and development ability are evaluated.

In genre 5 (value creation skill), score will be awarded for the results of various voluntary activities as follows. Paper presentation and academic conference presentation are not actually related to graduation recognition, but we will evaluate and certify the efforts made by the students who have been actively engaged in them. The score-assigning standard is common in the general framework of the School of Engineering, but details differ depending on each department. Each student should apply for the score other than the credits for subjects. Certified activities and score of each department will be approved by the Institute of Engineering Education.

  • Acquiring credits for designated subjects in undergraduate/graduate courses, including special lectures of Institute of Engineering Education
  • Overseas Study and internship
  • Conference presentation, paper presentation
  • awards, qualifications, etc.
  • Other voluntary activities such as extracurricular activities

In the subjects and activities designated in genre 5, the following items are evaluated. Since the higher the grade is, the more sophisticated the evaluation items are, for those who are freshman, sophomore or junior, please be aware of the following items.

[Evaluation items for subjects and activities designated in Genre 5 (1st to 3rd year student)]

  1. Attitude to respect and understand ideas and values that are different from one’s own (flexibility, internationality)
  2. Ability to recognize what society needs, including things other than technology
  3. Curiosity and courage to enter an unspecialized or unknown world
  4. Ability to convey one’s own thoughts (self-expression skills)
  5. Ability to gather many opinions and make overall decisions (leadership)
  6. Ability to pursue interesting things (passion, persistence)
  7. Ability to build personal networks on one’s own (positiveness)

Subjects and activities designated in Genre 5

○Designated courses (no score application required)

  • Basic Seminar (Genre 3 for students enrolled in 2014)
  • Institute of Engineering Education special lecture: Marvels in Life and Nature
  • Institute of Engineering Education special lecture: Top Leaders Special Lecture
  • Institute of Engineering Education special lecture: Design and Engineering
  • Institute of Engineering Education special lecture: Introduction to Technology Management
  • Institute of Engineering Education special lecture: History of Science and Technology~How to Learn from Failures
  • Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
  • Introduction to Electronic Engineering
  • Introduction to Industrial Chemistry (To students enrolled in 2016)
  • Introduction of Engineering Chemistry (From students enrolled in 2017)
  • Introduction to Materials Science
  • Introduction to bioengineering
  • Engineering Ethics
  • English in Technology (students enrolled in 2014)
  • English in TechnologyⅠ(From students enrolled in 2015)
  • English in TechnologyⅡ(From students enrolled in 2015)
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property Right
  • Technology in Social Systems (students enrolled in 2014)
  • Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
  • Study-abroad (SAP)
  • Overseas fieldwork (Study Abroad Program)
  • Overseas Study I/II/III/IV
  • Undergraduate and Master’s Internship Subjects
  • Department/Group designated subjects [Appendix]

[Appendix] Department/Group designated subjects

The following are subjects designated in genre 5 by each department or group of a plurality of special studies. (Some departments and systems do not designate subjects.)
For subjects designated in any of the departments/ group of a plurality of special studies, scores will be assigned in the same way even if students from other departments/group of a plurality of special studies take the credits.

  • Architectural Design AI/AII/BI/BII/CI/CII
  • Architectural Programming Fundamentals
  • Architectural Programming for Regional Facilities
  • Structural Design for Reinforced Concrete Structure
  • Structural Design for Steel Building

○Designated activities (application for scores is required)

  • Basic Seminars Presentation (Genre 3 for students enrolled in 2014)
  • Basic Seminars Award
  • Presentation in USTB exchange program
  • STEP-QI School
  • International Adaptability Training Course (Selected only)
  • Program of TGL extracurricular learning implemented by General Education
  • International academic conference Presentation
  • Domestic academic conference Presentation
  • Paper presentation
  • Work presentation
  • Patent
  • Non-credit internship
  • Non-credit study abroad program or international exchange program
  • Study abroad (3 months or more) ... Additional points granted to those of Overseas Study
  • SLA (Student Learning Assistant)
  • TA (Teaching Assistant)
  • AA (Administrative Assistant)
  • International Student Tutor
  • Outreach activities for international students (assistance work for SSH and Science Cafe, Science Angel activities, etc.)
  • Various awards, incentives, qualifications, etc.
  • Students’ association/circle activities
  • Volunteer activities
  • Voluntary activities (Social activities)
  • Other