Learning achievements certification system

[Genre 4 Language skill (English)]

Since research activities at university are performed in an international competitive community, the ability to provide information internationally, the ability of debating, and the ability to communicate are indispensable. Therefore, strengthening of English proficiency is essential, and it is important for  each student to not only learn English in general academic subjects, but also retain an attitude and means for continuous leaning and to have an index for objectively determining his/her English ability.

TOEFL® (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is one of the English language proficiency tests that have been taken all over the world. At almost all universities in Europe and the United States, the TOEFL® test score is used as a standard for admission, recommendation enrollment, scholarships, and graduation as well as a certificate of English proficiency. The TOEFL ITP® test is used to determine English proficiency on Listening, Reading, and Grammar, and it has a good correlation with the official TOEFL iBT® test.

In genre 4, TOEFL® ITP score is used to determine English proficiency. The TOEIC® score is also converted to the TOEFL ITP® score (using the conversion formula set by school of Engineering: the figure below). When a student takes a test individually, the student reports the score to Institute of Engineering Education.

The basic point is level 1. Students should Aim for level 4-6 (TOEFL ITP® score 500-560) during the 1st and 2nd year.