Undergraduate/graduate school collaborative education

Impressions from Students

Marvels in Life and Nature

I learned about natural systems wherein ecologies are maintained as long as there are ecological networks in place, and found that societies in which life is created are truly intricate in their workings.
(Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, fourth year)

This course taught me that the body, which harbors life, is like a microcosm of nature. It works through a variety of systems that connect everything together. The course’s concepts concerning life left a deep impression on me.
(Electrical Engineering major, second-year postgraduate)

Top Leaders Special Lecture

I was surprised to learn that lecturers from such radically different fields had all share a respect for diversity and passion for overseas endeavors. I felt that while it was very comfortable to live in Japan where people tout social uniformity and equality, more work still had to be done. Taking this course made me finally commit to taking an overseas workshop.
(Applied Physics major, first-year postgraduate)