Undergraduate/graduate school collaborative education

Special lectures offered by the Institute of Engineering Education

These lectures cover management, thought training, and philosophy, as well as ethical and natural intelligence and other subjects across a range of specializations and are conducted for students in all 18 majors of the 5 courses of study in the Engineering Faculty.

Marvels in Life and Nature

The earth is full of life including us human beings. Life was born in the early days of Earth’s history and acquired the diversity as we see it today. We will develop a rich sense of humanity by cultivating the sharp sensibilities that make us aware of the mysteries that are full of nature and life, and having discussions from an engineering perspective.

Engineering Ethics

Modern engineering has reached the realm of direct and indirect contact with “life”. When engineering is involved in fields such as medicine and food, we face situations that directly affect the life and death of humans and other living things. Environmental problems caused by the large consumption of goods and energy are likely to threaten the survival of us. Therefore, A high ethical standard is required for the generations who use, exploit and develop it. We Invite lecturers from various fields such as engineering, medical care, and welfare to give lectures and debates.

Design and Engineering

Through various design cases, we will overview the history, composition, and relationship with engineering, and acquire the necessary skills for engineers who are responsible for a creative future. Develop the possibility of utilizing each specialty as an opportunity to learn about strategic thinking that responds to the human’s fundamental desire to live “cool” and the methodology of integration of different fields utilizing the comprehensive power of design and intuitive appeal.

Introduction to Technology Management

In addition to the science-based knowledge learned in the Faculty of Engineering, knowledge about business models, intellectual property, and management skills that bring groups together to make specific products are strongly required after entering society. In this lecture, students will learn the basics of how to connect engineering to a practical business in the context of social needs, with a focus on how to utilize their specialties in society.

Top Leaders Special Lecture

Students will learn from top leaders who are currently active in the world to become a human resource that aims to realize a sustainable society and create a truly rich mature society under the declining birthrate and aging population. With international celebrities as lecturers, students will have the opportunity to overlook and understand the challenges and situations facing the world, and develop a strong awareness of current issues, a wide field of view, and a long-term perspective.

Skills for Global Leaders

Engineers are required to have specialized skills (including English skills) in order to play an active role in society with an international perspective. With a full understanding of this, students need to think logically, take on new challenges, and acquire the skills to logically exchange opinions in English. In this lecture, students will learn by practicing the skills of logical thinking, discussion, presentations, project management and English through the method of PBL (setting goals and selecting alternatives to achieve them, managing resource timeframes, etc., and achieving goals within a set time).

Lecturer: Professor Emeritus Shuzo Kato

Prof. Kato will share his views on what kind of skills companies need for human resources through his experience of starting a business or company and hiring a large number of people. In this lecture, students will acquire necessary skills such as logical thinking and project management through classroom lectures and exercises. We also have opportunities to invite lecturers from the industrial world to listen to live voices and hold discussions.

It is also very useful for job hunting, so we recommend you to take it early.